Tcal/TcalServer calendar is
FREE, for max 2 connected users.
To exceed the 2 max user limit it is necessary to receive an unlock code, that you can buy on these web pages.
Update from a previous version is free.

Unlock code:

In order to receive your unlock code, send your Email address with your payment (on the money order or PayPal notes).

Once your payment has been certified, you will receive via email the unlock code. Copy this code and paste it, with your email address, on TcalServer selecting the “About Tcalserver” menu and clicking on the “Unlock Code” button.
Email and Unlock code are linked inside Tcalserver in order to certify the registration.

If you want to change the computer where you have installed TcalServer, in order to keep the registration you must also copy the “preferenze_TcalServer.txt” document on to the new computer.
- On Mac OSX you will find it on “/users/
- On Windows XP you will find it on the hidden folder “C:\Documents and settings\
currentUser\Application data\”
- On Windows Vista you will find it on the hidden folder “C:\Users\
currentUser with your login name)

After 30 days from registration, if you still try to move Tcalserver on different computers, Tcalserver will lock again the 2 user max limit.
In order to unlock the application you will have to send an email using this site, stating the registration Email and unlock code you previously received.
You will then be sent a new unlock code.

Fast, Secure Checkout with PayPal - only 167,00 USD (€ 125,00)

Buy Tcal and TcalServer. Once your payment has been certified, using PayPal and your Credit Card or with a money order, you will receive an Email with your unlock code.


You can buy Tcal unlock code only on these web pages. Pay securely without sharing your financial information using Paypal with your credit card or sending a money order.