Warning: If you are upgrading from a previous version Tcal, consider this:
- TcalServer in this version communicates with the database through the ODBC driver only. Make sure you have the latest drivers and that you have configured the data sources.
- The name of the fields of the database used by TcalServer must begin with "tcs_" and strictly be the right type (number, text, date, etc.). See the sample database.

Download of Tcal calendar:

In order to use Tcal, you need 2 files (beside your FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, Access or MySQL applications):
Tcal and TcalServer.
Inside the zip file of download you will find the installers for both applications.
The TcalServer installer will also put on your desk of the following folders:

- DBDemo_FM: 4 files needed for FileMaker Demo.
- DBDemo_Access: 4 demo files of Microsoft Access (Windows computers only).
- DBDemo_MySQL: the setting file to be imported to create the database demo, via MySQL WorkBench.

Tcal and TcalServer are available for Mac OSX and Windows. Both versions of this software are included in the download and are multi-lingual (English and Italian).

Tcal TcalServer and have been tested with:
- OSX 10.5.8 (PowerPC) - FileMaker Pro 11/12 - 11/12 Advanced FileMaker Pro - MySQL 5.6.19
- OSX 10.6.8 (Intel) - FileMaker Pro Advanced 11/12 - MySQL 5.6.19
- OSX 10.9.4> Mavericks/Yosemite - FileMaker Pro 12/13, FileMaker Server 13, - MySQL 5.6.19
- Windows 7 - FileMaker Pro 12 - Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 (Microsoft Access 2000) - MySQL 5.6.19

FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Access
On the download are included the demo database documents that,
for demo purpose, allow to check the Tcal functionality installing everything on the same computer.
The database folder (FileMaker Pro for OSX and Access for Windows 7 or XP) will be copied by the installer on your desktop, a non-protected directory.
Make sure you have the ODBC Manager application (for Mac OSX you can download it here) and the necessary drivers for FileMaker or Access (see read me file TcalServer)
Launch Tcalserver and, when asked, follow the demo instructions.

If you have a Macintosh computer and you do not have a database application, you can download the folder "DBDemo_FM_Runtime.zip" that contains the Runtime "DBDemo_FM.app" for the demo; you will not need to install anything else in order to run the FM databases.
Once the setting Tcalserver, initiated the connection and run Tcal, with connecting.

The folder DBDemo_MySQL contains information about using TcalServer with MySQL and a file that, imported in MySQL, creates the demo database that will allow you to test Tcal.
Once you have done this, launch TcalServer and follow the Demo instructions.
Once done with TcalServer, start the connection and launch Tcal.

Thank you for downloading Tcal. Please send comments and suggestions.

Tcal/TcalServer calendar is
FREE, for max 2 connected users.
To exceed the 2 users max limit, it is necessary to receive an unlock code, that you can buy on these web pages.

Unlock code
In order to receive you unlock code, send
your Email address with your payment (on the money order or PayPal notes).

Once your payment has been certified, you will receive trough email the unlock code. Copy this code and paste it, with your email address, on TcalServer selecting the “About Tcalserver” menu and clicking on the “Unlock Code” button.
Email and Unlock code are linked inside Tcalserver in order to certify the registration.

If you want to change the computer where to install TcalServer, to keep the registration you must also copy the “preferenze_TcalServer.txt” document on the new computer.
- On Mac OSX you will find it on
- On Windows XP you will find it on the hidden folder
“C:\Documents and settings\currentUser\Application data\”
- On Windows 7 you will find it on the hidden folder “C:\Users\currentUser\AppData\Roaming\”
currentUser with your login name)

After 30 days from registration, if you still try to move Tcalserver on different computers, Tcalserver will lock again the 2 user max limit.
In order to unlock the application you will have to send an email using this site, stating the original registration Email and unlock code you previously received.
You will then be sent a new unlock code.

free calendar

Buy the unlock code from these pages
with a fast and secure checkout with PayPal and your credit card.